Top 10 Best Free HTML5 Frameworks of 2017

HTML5 has real time features with enhanced abilities that can create wonderful themes and dynamic layouts. Users can now add vector graphics and multimedia content to the code. It provides interchangeability between different browsers. Web applications can be built easily along with CSS frameworks as it alleviates overhead costs that incur in native web development procedures. It is also used for mobile web development. Developers can ignore common web development activities when they use HTML5 frameworks, as they don’t have to code from scratch.


List of 10 Best Free HTML5 Frameworks 2017!

p>At an enterprise level, HTML5 is used for development of web based applications across various platforms. It is also used in developing mobile web applications that can be loaded on the mobile phones easily. Though, traditional web and mobile applications for development provide better security and design functionality, frameworks can still be handy. These are recommended HTML5 frameworks that can be used to develop mobile and responsive web development applications.

1. Groundwork CSS2p>Groundworkcss website screenshot

This is a responsive framework for HTML5 and has a grid layout. The grid layout is fluid and highly customizable. It is built with Sass, which is a powerful CSS processor. This framework helps build responsive text like responsive headings, blocks of text, tables, and more. It comes with inbuilt source code, you can build web pages and applications in lesser amount of time. The HTML5 framework works well across all platforms such as, mobile, notebook, tablets, big screens, and more.
This HTML mobile framework comes with many features like use color control, dynamic outlines, and system colors and fonts that do not affect the layout of the webpage. The users can now use system colors and fonts if they choose to for building their web pages and applications. Content generated from style sheets helps users navigate through the code easily for visual elements, like the dimensions of the scrollbars, tables, and any content that requires specific proportions to be used on a web page or an application.

2. Foundation 6p>Foundation website screenshot

Users can download this HTML5 framework called the Foundation to build customized web and mobile applications. Developers can also build email templates and snippets of dynamic and html5 responsive mobile templates and web code to build applications. This is the framework that is developed by ZURB company that continually develops these applications and enhance their features. Business support is provided with the framework so developers and builders can continually enhance the quality of their products.
The Foundation HTML5 Framework is built with one of the cleanest markup languages. They collaborate with the web developers and builders for as long as they use this framework for development. With this framework you can build mobile devices from smaller to larger dimension. You can modify the code and execute it during and after the development of the application. Developers can rapidly build web pages and applications in Javascript, CSS, and HTML and prototype them. They can also craft email templates that can be read on various platforms and devices.

3. Montage JSp>montagejs website screenshot

MontageJS is one of the best HTML5 frameworks that helps build responsive web pages and applications. With this framework developers can scale the functionality of any of the applications they build across various platforms. This is an open source HTML5 framework. Single page applications can be built faster with this front-end software. The code is organized in a modular fashion. Complex code is broken into smaller units. With this framework developers can create HTML5 responsive templates.
This framework provides features like the Functional Reactive Binding(FRB) which means that objects and data can be bound in two way fashion. With this framework, the developers can work together on maps, modules, queries, mathematical formulas, and more. This HTML5 canvas framework can be used to build websites and applications for devices that have minimum hardware configuration. This is probably the only open source framework that provides a cloud based environment for development. It offers many inbuilt tools that shrink the code and minimize the loading times during execution.

4. 52 Frameworkp>Developers with brilliant ideas can work on this framework as it is also available in Github. This is one of the top HTML5 frameworks that is specifically built for HTML5 and CSS3. Using frameworks helps developers cut down on superfluous coding errors. Easy customization is the key to using frameworks. Developers can customize snippets of codes and execute them without worrying about affecting the functionality of the layout and other features. Whether the users know Javascript or not, they can still use this framework. The only purpose of using a JS script in this framework is to ensure the web pages that are developed load on the older versions of the browsers as well.
The HTML file of this framework is constructed using the semantic markup. In this code, new elements are used to code the layout of the web page. The columns and tables that you use in this frame work have variable dimensions. It also has a reset and a grid system.

5. Twitter Bootstrapp>This is a lightweight and the framework for building mobile based web applications. For all the first time mobile apps, users can use this framework to build applications. This is the framework that can be used by developers having various skillset. A novice and a beginner level developer can also find this framework handy for building mobile based applications in Java, CSS and HTML5. They come with some stunning jQuery plugins.
Create themes for various websites and add functionality to them. They can also be used for Sass only projects. This framework is easy to set up and requires less compilation time to execute the code. Autoprefixer is used to compile Sass code if the developers are not using a pre-compiled Bootstrap. It uses Grunt to build systems. You can separately download Grunt and install it. When errors occur during installation or compilations, users can follow the troubleshooting steps given on their official website.

6. SproutCorep>SproutCore framework uses Javascript as well as HTML5 framework for web and application development. It works well across different browsers and a few older browsers. Over 5000 tests have been performed on this framework making it one of the most stable software to work with to build mobile and web applications. Using pure Javascript is a ot beneficial to using this software for developing web applications. You can use this framework to embed other formats of content and view them. Videos, audio, and flash content can be embedded using this framework.

7. Onsen UIp>This is a highly flexible front-end software that helps you build mobile and web applications. Using this software, you can either create applications based on pure Javascript or work across different HTML5 frameworks and build applications. With this software there are no framework dependencies. It requires lesser time to set up this application for working on building any web or mobile application. This is one of the pure HTML5 javascript framework to work on. The development stacks are made available in the cloud and the developers do not need to update these stacks or modules constantly. This one of the most flexible HTML5 UI frameworks. Those who love to code in Java, HTML, and CSS can find this framework useful. It is one of the best HTML5 GUI framework to help you build stunning websites.

8. HTML5 Boilerplatep>With this framework, developers can build HTML5 websites and applications and execute them in no time. This is an open source front-end applications that supports all the modern browsers. Developers can create mobile friendly applications using this front-end software. Icons, CSS resets, style sheets, viewing options, and different media snippets are available with this framework. It also comes with Google Analytics snippets.
JQuery and Modernizr javascript libraries are available with this html5 framework. Server configurations are maintained separately. You can custom build any website or application for mobile and various devices using this software.

9. Ionicp>This is a framework that is free and open source. It offers cross platform features and native app development functionality. Users can develop web and mobile applications while collaborating with a worldwide community. Plugins available work across 70 devices like bluetooth, PhoneGap, and more. They come with clear documentations that have inbuilt tutorials, how-to’s and more so the users can refer them anytime during development.
Ionic framework comes with readymade components and typographical elements that help ease the process of mobile and web development. Developers can build apps that work well on all modern phones. Features like speed navigation, touch screen optimization, etc can be implemented using this framework. It has native SDK stacks that help developers combine old and new features and creating websites that are flexible and fully customizable. This is one of the best HTML5 mobile framework to build web based mobile applications. Code is compiled and reloaded with ease using this framework.

10. Semantic UIp>This is a framework that has more than 3000 themes. There are more than 50 components that help build a website. Users can work on multiple projects using this framework. This is an open source framework that can be used for large scale development. Developers can create layouts that are responsive and reader friendly. The syntax used for this framework is used in human language rather than system language. It uses its own language and syntax to develop and build code. Debugging of code is simplified and the developers can debug snippets of codes instead of running through the entire stack.

Frameworks are the most wonderful software that developers can use to build mobile and web applications. There are various kinds of HTML5 frameworks that can be used for developing web based and mobile projects that can be implemented across various platforms.


  1. I am using Foundation HTML5 Framework for my clients, its quite easy when you are building projects with scalability in mind.

  2. Bert Grullon says:

    I came to your site while searching for the latest html5 frameworks that are currently trending in 2017. I have done a bit of research on this topic and loved the simplicity of Groundwork CSS2 framework.

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