Top 10 Fastest WordPress Cache Plugins of 2017

The use of wordpress cache plugins is on the rise! Your website could have mixed media content that can take a few more seconds to load. Page loads that take longer lose viewership easily. This can affect the page ranking. Users can use cache plugins to speed up the page load times regardless of the kind of content that is published on the webpages. Cache memory is a temporary memory in the computer that stores information and data that is stored recently. Data in all kinds of formats are stored in the form of web objects in the hard drive of the computer. If there are frequently accessed web pages, the browser uses its cache memory to store this information and load it with greater speed next time the same pages are accessed. The wordpress speed plugins reduce page load times.

1. W3 Total Cache – This is a wp fastest cache plugin in wordpress that boosts the performance of the page and decreases the page load times speeding up the webpages to load faster. Most of the hosting providers present cashing solutions for web pages. If you are hosting your own pages, you can use free and premium wp total cache plugins to load webpages faster and improve the performance of the page. This plugin comes with a page that has setting options. Page caching,database caching, browser caching, and so forth are the options available on the settings w3 cache plugin page. This is a highly customizable plugin and comes with GZIP compression. W3total cache cdn is a varnish cache wordpress plugin that provides support for content delivery networks. It is compatible with CloudFlare. This is one of the best wordpress database cache that has these additional features. It is the wp fastest cache cdn plugin that any user can use. This is one of the best cache plugin wordpress.

2. WP Rocket – This is a premium caching plugin and is said to be one of the most useful plugins that is user-friendly and loads websites faster that have HTML and Javascript code. This is a best wordpress cache plugin that needs to be activated to function. This best wordpress cache offers features like browser caching and preloading. This is a speed up wordpress plugin also increases the speed of loading images on the website as you scroll down on the page. It also provided font optimization and integrates with CloudFlare.

3. WP Super Cache – The wp super cache is a free caching plugin and is easy to operate. Instead of the PHP scripts of the wordpress, it caches the snippets of the static HTML code taken from the wordpress blog. It provides dynamic caching and page compression. It also caches pages that load on the mobile device. The wp super cache cdn provides support for the content delivery networks. The wp super cache plugin features a scheduler that regularly deletes the caching and re-cached data on the web pages.

4. WP Fastest Cache – This is a caching plugin that is relatively simple to install and use. You don’t have to modify the configuration files to install this plugin. The wp fastest cache is a plugin that can be used by any user to increase the page load times of their webpages. The wp fastest cache cdn is a plugin that supports CDN. This is a plugin that combines Javascript and CSS together. This reduces the number of server requests for every query and increases the page load times. It also comes with enabling and disabling caching options that make it work on mobile devices.

5. Simple Cache – Simple cache is a light and a fast plugin that can be used by websites using wordpress. This is a one click install plugin that comes with simple settings. You do not have to go through a list of options to make this plugin function. If you do not like using this plugin the process of deleting this plugin is also simple. The cache that this plugin stores can also be deleted easily. It is enabled by the GZIP compression.

6. Hyper Cache – This hyper cache is a cache wordpress plugin is used in the server environment. It is designed to be used in shared hosting and is used to boost the loading time when a webpage loads on the mobile device. It also looks for SEO optimized pages and loads them faster. It also provides integration with the bbpress pages. It also stores previously accessed pages for faster access. Users can check website speed using this plugin.

7. Comet cache – The comet cache is a plugin that stores every page as a snapshot and caches it for boosting wordpress speed. This is a plugin that intuitively stores plugins and uses them when the users access the same webpages and can be used to test website speed. This plugin is easily installed and uses advanced techniques to decide which web pages to cache. This plugin does not cache login page, comments section, and admin pages.

8. Litespeed Cache – The litespeed cache plugin is a PHP enable caching plugin. It has inbuilt function for boosting the speed of page loads. The litespeed wordpress cache provides automatic caching of the pages. It supports HTTPS. It provides single as well as multiple site support. The litespeed webserver wordpress plugin can also be configured for categories, tags, and cookies that have a do-not-cache function.

9. Cache Enabler – The cache enabler is a new wordpress cache plugin that is used for boosting the page loads and speed up the performance. This is a wordpress cache plugin for wordpress pages. This wp cache generates static HTML code and provides WebP support. These static pages are stored on the server’s storage device instead of the user’s hard disk. This is a wordpress site speed optimization plugin.

10. Cachify wordpress plugin – The cachify is a wordpress plugin that caches posts and customizes posts as static storage. You can choose to store this caching data on the database storage of the server or the web server’s hard drive. The cachify wordpress makes it easy for the pages to load easily which have been cached by this plugin. Website speed and cache speed can be checked with this plugin.

WordPress caching plugins are one of the most useful tools that users and developers can use to speed up the page load times. Most of these add-ons are free to use for dynamic wordpress based web pages.


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    Hey man! Great post I am using WP Rocket’s premium edition and like you mentioned. Its very easy to operate. Before migrating to WP Rocket I had W3 Total Cache which is nice but nothing like WP Rocket!

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