Top 10 On-Page SEO Techniques to Rank on First Page 2017

Nowadays, everyone(who knows SEO) seems to be focused at how to get on the first page of Google! The problem arises how do you rank your site when you do not know SEO. So, let’s understand what is SEO? SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. It includes the combination of technical and creative aspects which help improve search engine rankings, traffic, as well as boosting the domain visibility in search engines. After all, search engines are a complex system of algorithms that give value to websites based on their usability and metrics. There are many aspects to SEO which must be considered. In case you miss out any important feature, your website’s seo strategy will start failing. When viewed from a narrow perspective, SEO can simply be understood as building engine-friendly websites. However, when looked at from a broad perspective, we see how much more detailed SEO can really get. The success of a website in 2017 can be traced back to its ranking. This will depend upon the amount of traffic the website receives. Ultimately, the amount of organic traffic of a website depends upon the on-page seo optimization techniques.

Over the years, Google has been updating it’s algorithms, changing the way in which articles can be listed. Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird are examples of these updates. Thus, the entire SEO industry required an algorithm change, to keep up with the changing trends and to adapt to a new environment. By following our strong on page seo tips you will easily get your articles listed on major search engines, especially on Google!

on page seo techniques

Search Engine Optimization can be categorized into two sections – one being On-Page SEO and the other being Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO is doing all you can on your website to boost ranking and increase web traffic. On-Page SEO is extremely crucial to a website’s traffic. The website design and overall structure forms a major portion of On-Page SEO. A well-structured website can lure in numerous visitors while an un-optimized website will fail to attract users even if their products and services are of a superior quality.

Off-Page SEO is implementing techniques to improve your ranking by doing whatever you can off the website page. This segment focuses mainly on link building and increasing the website’s domain value.

On Page Optimization for 2017 that Seriously Works!

Now we will go through on page seo factors that will help to improve your site’s ranking through effective On-Page SEO Optimization for first page in 2017:

1. Short + SEO Friendly URL/Permalink Structure

It always helps if your domain name is short and sweet as it helps in easier brand recall. This involves using a well optimized search engine URL structure with some keywords. Concentrate on using specific targeted keywords at the beginning of the URL of your blog post. Your URL structure should mainly consist of alphabets or even numerals but special characters must be avoided. These special characters include brackets, symbols, and commas. This is one of the integral ranking techniques when it comes to On-page optimization for first page in 2017.

2. Appropriate Page/Blog Post Titles

One of the most important On-Page SEO factors in 2017 is your blog post title. Ensure to stitch in targeted keywords and phrases into the fabric of your article. Avoid stuffing keywords or filling the article up with keywords. Use enough but mainly suitable keywords to get better rankings on Google. A good tip would be to use a title which contains the central idea of your article. This way when one searches for that particular topic, there’s a better chance of your article showing up first.


3. Include Meta Descriptions

meta description is simply a space where one can use appropriate keywords and phrases. The meta description should contain words which are closely related to the title of the article. A lot of people skip this part, which might account for their website’s drop in the rankings. A good meta description is short and crisp, keeping to the point while making use of appropriate keywords which are going to be used by people when using search engines. Meta descriptions must be limited to 160 characters and should be user friendly in order to ensure Click Through Rate (CTR).

4. U

4. Using Proper Meta Tags

y blog allows for a section where keywords can be placed once the article has been written and is ready to be posted. The keywords placed in this section are known as meta tags. Research well for suitable keywords and keep them as closely related to your article as possible. This will altogether greatly increase your chances of gaining more users and boosting your website’s ranking.

5. Key

5. Keyword Density with Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) Advantage

use of keywords for your articles will definitely help in the ranking system. However, mindlessly stuffing your blog post with keywords isn’t desirable and can actually get you banned from search engines. Repeating the same keywords at the cost of the content in the article will not help you in any way. Try keeping the keyword density up to 1.5% with a mix of LSI keywords. The main or primary keywords can be used in the first paragraph of the article as well as in the last paragraph of the blog post which is the conclusion. You can make use of formatting options for focusing more on keywords. Do this by underlining, highlighting or even putting keywords in italics to make them stand out.

Here’s what Google’s Matt Cutts has to say about the ideal use of Keyword Density of a page –


On-Page SEO Factors that are also Important for Ranking!

e above on page seo tips we have gone through technical aspects. Now let’s take a look at the crucial seo factors for perfectly optimizing the on-page!

1. 1. Heading Tags have the Power to Rank Up Your Website

ting an article or blog post, break up the article into appropriate number of paragraphs. This makes it more appealing to read. These different sections can be given headings. This is precisely where H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags are made use of. Breaking up your article into headings and sub-headings will make it easier for people to read. Do not continuously repeat these body tags too many times as it tends to reduce the overall quality of the content. Here’s what Matt Cutts said about using heading tags –

2. Addin

2. Adding Images with proper alt tags

n-Page SEO optimization technique in 2017 is to make use of images within your blog posts. Big chunks of data can get boring no matter how good the information is. Visual appeal is something which can help improve website traffic. Insert images with appropriate alt tags to compliment your information! These images have titles and should be treated in the same manner as page titles. This will help when people search for Images on Google. To further optimize images for SEO you must include Descriptions and Alt Text.

3. Word

3. Word Count is an Important seo factor

ur efforts on writing long and well-researched blog posts. It is a rare occasion for low word count articles to do exceptionally well on the front page of a search engine. While writing the article, make sure to fit keywords in at the right places. Most of the time SEO optimized posts should contain at least 700 words.

4. Inter

4. Internal Linking

om other websites are important but they aren’t the only thing that counts. An effective way of improving your website is by pasting links to your other website pages. Internal links are crucial and must be used well if SEO is your primary concern. This makes it simpler for users to navigate and find the pages they are searching for on your website. Content links and permanent navigation links are two ways in which you can better your internal linking structure.

5. Write C

5. Write Content which is Interesting and Engaging

ation in your article should be appealing, attracting a large audience. A plain article, stuffed with information is boring and unattractive. You need to retain existing users. For this, your content and style of writing should captivate and gain the attention of your audience. Do this and your website will be climbing up the ranking ladder in no time.

These top 10 On-Page SEO techniques on first page in 2017 are designed to not only make your website look more appealing but to also optimize your articles in such a way that they appear on the first page of popular search engines.


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