Save Time by Streamlining your Social Media Strategy for 2017

Streamlining your Social Media Marketing Campaign is the most crucial step to save time and human resource. Every business knows exactly how crucial it is to have a well-planned and structured social media strategy in place. Social media is at the top of the list as one of the most effective marketing tools for any business. Streamlining your social media strategy may sound easy but it isn’t entirely so. However, if you’re under the impression that managing your social media strategy is going to take up your whole day and cost you a fortune, you have a very different impression of what it is actually like. While nothing happens over the course of a day, planning and initiating a social media strategy for 2017 can be performed by you in a timely fashion.

While having an individual to manage your social media affairs does sound enticing, it may not be exactly financially feasible, especially for small businesses. You on your own can successfully streamline your social media strategy by making use of social media in a meaningful and constructive way. Here are a few steps which you could incorporate to streamline your social media strategy for 2017.

1. Focus on your Choice of Social Media Platforms

One of the biggest challenges is knowing which social media to use. With the endless options out there, many are confused about which to use. Some of the recommended ones to choose from include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It isn’t going to be possible to use all these channels to streamline your social media method. However you could use at least two of them to control your social media affairs. Each and every platform mentioned here have positive aspects which can be used in your favor. Try choosing the two which best suit your needs. Your choice of social media will be largely dependent on the kind of products and services for sale as well as your target audience.


2. Batching can help keep your Posting Consistent

you head into this without a plan in mind, you’re not going to see any results. The worst thing when it comes to building a social image for your business is inconsistency. Practice batching to handle work in a systematic and strategic way. Batching is nothing but doing many small tasks, at once, in an organized and regular fashion. Take an hour or so on any day of the week and dedicate it to a certain task. Maintain this pattern of workflow and you’ll notice the massive difference it can make.

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3. Learn to Re-Purpose Content

you are going to be making use of more than one social media channel, it isn’t possible for all your followers to view your content instantly. Even though you really want your social media to be enriched with new and interesting content, you may at times have to resort to re-purposing content. You’ll notice how a lot of your content can be reworked upon and used again and again and yet still be meaningful, helpful, and engaging. Remember, a single piece of content can make for an entire week’s social media plan.

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4. Making use of the Right Tools

ce of work can be annoyingly tough without the right tools at your disposal. Using a plumber’s tools to get the work of an electrician done is a big ‘no’! In a similar manner, when it comes to streamlining your social media technique, you need the right tools at hand. Schedule posts in advance by using Hootsuite or even Buffer. Visuals are very important and a powerful tool like Canva can help you with creating graphs. You will then need to make use of third party applications to share your work. Buzzsumo or even EpicBeat can be used for this purpose.

5. Stop Selling5. Stop Selling

social media may not work the way you intended it to be is mainly because you are too focused on selling your brand. For instance, no one logging on to Facebook is coming online to purchase an item. They want to be engaged in something visually appealing. Rather than aggressively trying to market your product, imagine social media as way of first getting to know your consumer. This gives you a chance to build your brand rather than sell or market it.

Using smart tools to streamline your business is the way to go. However, most people are unaware of the various popular smart tools available for use. In order to keep things simple and easy for you, here’s a list of the best smart tools to make use of when streamlining your business.

1. Social Media Accounts – The most important tools are primarily your platforms through which you can incorporate your social media strategy. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are some of the major platforms for building your brand image. Each of these social media channels can be used to your advantage, making use of the features unique to each of these platforms. Twitter is a really good platform for responding to customer related queries while Instagram and Snapchat are better for showcasing images of products.

2. Tools which can be used to automatically post to social media – WordPress is a common platform used to write blogs. A great feature about it is the automatic share option which can be used to share new content directly to social media accounts. Posting your newsletters on time is crucial. Manually having to do so is not only time consuming but is also very cumbersome. MailChimp can simplify things for you by automatically posting all newsletters to your social media accounts. CoSchedule and Latergramme are brilliant scheduling applications which one can make use of when trying to streamline their social media strategies.

3. Social Media Notification Tools – Slack is a small but powerful piece of software for keeping a track of notifications. You could use it to discuss internal matters in a private group chat or even to notify you when a Twitter tag is made. This would help you get immediate and instant access to all your notifications as a quick response is something that every consumer looks forward to. Facebook group’s app has also gained quite a bit of popularity owing to its utility and features. You can make use of this to moderate and communicate seamlessly in your group.

4. Tools which help Create Social Media Content – Foldio Photography Lightbox is a great tool for taking pictures. Remember how important visual tools are when attempting to gain an audience using social media. This application can be used for taking clear and good quality pictures. You can then edit these images which an age-old favorite program called, Photoshop. It may seem a little complicated at first but once you get a hang of it, you’ll know how useful it really is. Dropbox can easily be installed on your phone as well as on your computer for easy access to photos between devices.

5. Tools to Track Social Media – The only way to know if a social media strategy is working well is to keep a keen watch on social media statistics. Analytics give you a good bird’s eye view of how successful your social media technique is. Google Analytics should be your first preference for this as it provides you with all the details you need. It is detailed and currently known to be one of the best when it comes to maintaining a check on website traffic as well as other related details.

These tips, platforms, and tools are all you need to streamline and nurture your social media strategy. Maintaining a good social media strategy will help you attain your dream of success!


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